The Secret of my Dreamy Eyes English Storie

The Secret of my Dreamy Eyes

The Secret of my Dreamy Eyes

I Know moment lived never come back, But I can live them over and over again

The Secret of my Dreamy Eyes

What if there is no rain? The mind and heart are still the same. To think of how I loved to be drenched, And he to be drenched in love!

How current from eyes could move faster than light, And the glow on face sparkling bright; No wine was needed to get dizzy, Just a simple touch could make us crazy!

Long winter nights passed in moments – There was no charm in monuments; All worldly laws seemed stupid, People said it;s the effect of Cupid!

Neither chilly cold weather was a hindrance, Nor did the hot sun pose any trouble; What mattered was that we were together, Far from the world but in a cuddle!

Sometimes breathing heavily and sometimes holding the breath, Living life at the fullest but never caring for death; After hours of talk still there was a lot to tell, A naughty glance was enough to cast a spell!

Synonym of success for us was meeting, And synonym of failure was departing, Even small gifts to us were but treasure, And simple souvenirs were divine pleasure!

Sleepless nights and dreamy days – Smiling at Good’s creative ways, Lifting the eyelids with a desire to see him, In his being the whole world would seem.

Teasing me one day he said, Will we be together 20 years from now? How would you look I said in white beard? He said just the way you’d look in silver hair!

We wanted to grow together and we did; Many a spring and autumn together we spent, Today our love has grown with our age,  We are together on the world’s stage.

But all we lived I live again and again; With open eyes I live the present, With closed eyes I dream of future, But every moment I see the moments we were together.

Often, people ask me of my dreamy eyes, The secret I concealed till now is open; Dreaming of those lovely moments never cease, The secret of my dreamy eyes is love’s token.


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