The Queen of His Dreams Most Beautiful Stories 2021

The Queen of His Dreams the best english stories Most Beautiful Stories in the English Language – 10 Best Stories of All Time

The Queen of His Dreams

We all were tired and why would not we be? It was our first lecture of accountancy and we all were issuing shares and debentures to an unknown company. Prof. Vikram Aditya was the only person who was speaking loudly and asking questions to us. He was discussing the topic intensively. A man of medium height, fair complexion, strict behavior and rough nature. He was just going to ask a question to me when his mobile phone chimed loudly. He looked at the incoming call. “Excuse me!” He said and left the class.


The call might be from his wife. His wife, Anushka Aditya Rai, a lady I han’t seen but only heard of. I learnt that she was very beautiful. Whenever I used to think about his wife, my mind used to recite an untold story to me, If you are thinking that it’s a love story, then it’s not, but rather it is a story about love.

The Queen of His Dreams the best english stories Most Beautiful Stories in the English Language – 10 Best Stories of All Time


It was the time when we used to think that our Professor was the most irritating and boring person in the world. In those day’s he was busy searching for the ‘Queen of his dreams’ Sometimes, in his free time, he used to tell us that he dated many girls during his college and university days but neither any smile nor any face attracted him, and no one passed the route to become the queen of his dreams, After submitting his ID to and other matrimonial sites, his phone beeped every second with messages from prospective suitors. He used to scan through newspapers not for news but for matrimonial advertisements. He kept himself busy in finding his queen with a dream in his heart and a hope in his mind.

“When will you marry, my son?” His mother asked.

“When I get the queen of my dreams. ” He replied.

“And when and how will you get her?”

“Somehow and soon Ma!” He said.

It was the I ” of july 2017 and a revolutionary day in the history of India and in the life of Vikram as well. GST entered into the Indian economy. The market was full of people and roads were blocked by them. There was not enough space to walk. Some were against GST and some in favor of it. As usual, Vikram was reading the matrimonial column in Hindustan Times. AS he was going to turn the page, a name in small letters grabbed his attention. Anushka! He thought about talking to her once, but the next second he changed his idea. After a few minutes, he again picked up the newspaper. Then he wrote down the address of the girl and left for his school. After making several excuse, the school Director gave him leave. But the storm of difficulties was not yet over. The roads were packed with vehicles and it was the hottest day of summer. He parked his car in the district parking lot and started walking.

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