season of love best english love stories new- ( part – 3 )

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“The day you joined, I had actually been to my mother’s grave in the morning. grave in the morning. I had this sudden urge to meet her, and to talk to her. So, I went there with some flowers. It gives me a lot of peace just to be there  with some time. But, you known Pat, sometimes I crave for her touch – I wish I could have held her hand again, lay in her lap, like I used to…”

Graveyard qabar hd images

He voice broke and a lone tear trickled down her face. She tried to wipe it off hastily, but I beat her to it and pressed my palm to her face. “She is always with you Katy. She is inside your heart, in the form of love. No one can take her place. But I assure you, as long as I am by your side, I will always try to keep you happy. I will never let you cry. I promise.” She looked into my eyes and pulled me into a hug.

“Pat, tell me you’ll never leave me alone, tell me you’ll be with me always.”

“I promise Katy. I will be there…always!”

Her eyes welled up, she was about to cry again. But I did not let her. I held her face in my hands and started filling her with  my warm kisses.

Katy had moved in with me a week back. I had mastered the courage to ask her out for a dinner date about a dinner date about a month ago. And I proposed to her on our third date about a month ago. And I proposed to her on our third date soon after. And then, yes, we, Kat & Pat, became officially “a thing” pretty soon. It was blissful to say the least. I have never felt so content and peaceful all my life.

She also managed to coax me out of my laziness about driving. I finally got a car and developed a new hobby soon – going on long drives, with Katy next to me. On weekend mornings, we drove our way to places like the Zilker Park or Mount Bonnell and spent the day enjoying the nature. And then, there were many a night when we drove to somewhere distant, out of the bounds of the city lights, and enjoyed a cozy drink together. We were together , and we were madly in love; life was good.

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The trees had started changing colors. When I occasionally looked up from my laptop screen, I could see the shades of red, yellow, and brown in the woods. The humming birds were back again, and sometimes they would poke the glass wall and make a soft tapping sound.

Katy and I had a meeting scheduled with Bob that morning.

Work had been crazy of late. We had a new client in jackson, Mississippi, who needed some highly customized clinical forms. Katy and I were having a hard time deliver to them within the timeline.

“Our client wants a developer to work out of their office starting next week. They, being a new client, would need some special attention for at least a quarter. Katy, I need you to travel up there. You’re the more experienced one and can work independently. Patrick will continue to work out of here and look after the needs of the other clients. He would reach out to you if he gets stuck anywhere. You two can schedule a daily meeting between yourselves to work that out.”

“But, why can’t we manage the jackson client from here, through virtual meetings and stuff?” Katy asked back.

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