season of love best english love stories new-hit 2021

season of love best english love stories new-hit 2021


I Still vividly remember the day when we first met. It’s impossible to describe what I exactly felt when I saw her for the first time. Moments like this do rarely come into our lives, but once they do, they get etched into our hearts forever.

season of love best english love stories new-hit 2021


It was my first day at work at Generation Healthcare as a Developer. The small office space was located in the technology hub off north Austin. I reported sharp at 8 in the morning and met my reporting manager Bob Gilbert. Bob was a soft-spoken man in his 40s. He gave me a warm welcome and started giving me a tour of the office. After introducing me to a few colleagues, Bob took me to my workstation. It was a small room with only two desks. Bob pointed to the far end one and turned to me.

“Patrick, this is where you will be working. In a minute, katy will be coming up and sharing the training details with you. You will be primarily working with her and she’s the one who ‘ll get you up-to-speed. She’s running a bit late today , but should be here any moment now. So, just settle in, and let me know if you need anything.”

“Sure, thanks Bob.”

I switched on my laptop and started setting up my office mailbox. My desk faced a glass wall which allowed a view of the parking lot and the surrounding woods outside. Summer was in full bloom; the woods were stark green, and, to my sheer joy, a fleet of humming birds came flapping to the wall, time and again.

I heard footsteps and turned to look towards the door. Then I saw her – and time stopped! Now, it’s not that I had never seen a pretty girl in my life, but there she was, walking up to me with a nervous smile on her face, a petite, 20-something blonde, wearing a grey top above her navy blue jeans and a light black jacket to go with it; and there was somethings so special about her that I kept staring. Inside, I could feel giant waves crashing at the shore of my heart, and I could not help but wonder, how someone can look so beautiful!

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“Sorry! I had a rough morning and could not make it earlier.

Glad that you’re here though.”

I smiled back at her. She held out her hand and spoke again,

“Hello, I am katy.”

“Hi katy, I am patrick, nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine. You know, this position was open for so long, and all this while I was going crazy, managing stuff alone. Now, finally we’ve found you, and I can’t be happier.”

“That sounds interesting!” I laughed.

“You bet! So, let me just settle in, and meanwhile you can go through this training plan.” She handed me a print out and went to her desk. I realized that I was able to breathe properly again.

Throughout the next month, katy trained me on the tool that the two of us were supposed to work with. It allowed us to design and customize clinical forms for our clients. We developed new forms and upgraded old ones as per client requests.

Katy was a great trainer and an awesome team player. She was patient, enthusiastic, and had a keen eye on details. I picked up speed quickly under her tutelage. She never gave me any feedback about my work, though, but I could sense that she was happy. Bob confirmed my hunch one day, when he patted me on the back in the pantry and said, “Katy is all praises for you, pat. Good job and keep it up!”

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