Love Tales ( Part – 2 ) Unique Storie 2021

Love Tales Most Beautiful Stories in the English Language

Love Tales Part 2

Love Tales ( Part – 2 ) Unique Storie In History 2021 Most Beautiful Stories in the English Language – 10 Best New Unique Stories of All Time ( )

 Love Tales Most Beautiful Stories in the English Language



She was watching her own shadow on the road. Then, it gradually started to disappear until a blazing white light completely engulfed it…she turned to look behind…and then, with a deafening sound, everything around her turned black…


Through her half-opened eyes, she noticed the first streak of golden light falling over the blue blanket wrapped around her numb body. A sense of confusion struck her…the deafening ring started echoing in her ears again. She tried to move her head and look around, but failed to do so. After a while, she opened her blue eyes fully only to find a pair of deep brown eyes staring back at her.

A smile seemed to appear on those eyes and a whisper broke the ringing echo in her ears, “Finally! Thank God!”

She knew the voice was unknown to her, so were those eyes. She focused on his face as soon as she could withdraw her glances from those deep eyes. The man was perhaps a few years elder to her – messy hair, light stubble on his cheeks, a sharp nose, a boyish charm, and those intense eyes – eyes like she had never seen before.

His words registered on her mind after a brief while, and she tried to smile in response. Upon seeing her smile, he rushed out of the room, only to come back with a doctor by his side.

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“There, these , you look fine to me now. Do you remember who you are and what had happened to you?” the doctor inquired.

“Yes, a car hit me while I was returning home, “She finally found her voice.

“Uh, that was my car. I am s-sorry,.. ” he mumbled, looking into her eyes, yet again.

“Yes, young man! The police will be coming soon and you can give your explanations then, ” The doctor cut him short.

But she interrupted the doctor. “There’s no need to call the police, let it be… I am okay now… it’s just my head that hurts.”

“That is because you have had three stitches on your forehead and a few scratches on your elbow and legs too. Are you sure, you do not want to lodge a complaint?”

“Yes!” She turned to look into those eyes again. The smile returned to those eyes.

After that, for a long time, no words were exchanged, but smiles did all the magic and eyes captured the moments. The moments transcended into hours, days, weeks, months, and years…until yesterday.


She opened her blue eyes, only to find a pair of deep brown eyes staring back at her. A smile appeared on those aged eyes, and a whisper broke the morning silence, “Finally! Thank God! Good Morning dear and breakfast is ready!”

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